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My name is Diane. I am the descendant of Irish women transported as convicts to Australia in 1793 about five years after Invasion day.I still carry within me the atavism of anti authoritarianism, and would say that I am a spiritual anarchist.

My journey to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Yoga* began late, and I have realised recently that my Path was irrevocably altered in November 1973, although it was another 15 years before I directly connected to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother through Their Works. In 1998 I made connection with the international IY community via Auroconf I  left Auroconf a few years ago, feeling the need to concentrate on the inner work as I am 74 years old and times awasting. I have never been to Puducherry nor do I know anyone here in Australia who follows Their Works. My spiritual community is mainly followers of Siddha Yoga, (I spent 7 years with Gurumayi albeit from a distance) Sai Baba, Satchiandas and various other India gurus. I am essentially a solitary, living a contemplative life amid an ocean of modern western living. I set up this blog 4 years ago but never really had the time. Recently I felt the need to reach out to a gnostic community

. * I avoid using The term Integral Yoga as it now used by assorted other groups with no or only tenuous links to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Letters on Himself and the Ashram p78 The Yogi from the North (Uttara Yogi) was my own name given to me because of a prediction made long ago by a famousTamil Yogi, that thirty years later (agreeing with the time of my arrival) a Yogi from the North would come as a fugitive to the South and practise there an integral Yoga (Poorna Yoga)…



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